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It is our policy to make every effort to respect the copyrights of outside parties. Its pretty comfortable to wield and lightweight enough so you wont sustain any additional strain. Portable: Weighing only 2.2 pounds and fitting easily into a gym bag, locker, or backpack, the Flex is Vybes smallest and most portable massage gun. The VYBE massage gun has impressive specs measured up against some of its competitors. Fully charge the battery prior to first use, then power on the. Most fail. Massage Speed Settings. Our massage guns offer up to 33lbs of pressure - dig deep to iron out knots and release tension, or go easy for more gentle pain relief. That being said, the bullet is not my go-to attachment if Im targeting a sensitive area like my forearm or shoulder. The $169.99 Vybe percussion massage cannon penetrates deep into muscle tissue, alleviating pain and stiffness by applying precise pressure to knots. Why Should You Buy A Vybe Percussion Massager Gun? All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Charge the battery fully (2+ hours) before using your. After all, it covers twice the area with bullet-like precision, so intuitively it should work faster to recover large muscle groups. Entdecke VYBE Premium Pro 5-Gang Tiefengewebe Muskel Massagepistole - CB543 in groer Auswahl Vergleichen Angebote und Preise Online kaufen bei eBay Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel! Well, the most obvious would be the lesser attachments that come with the OPOVE M3 Pro Max at only 5 and 4 adjustable speeds. This is because disposable batteries will eventually run out of power, and you dont want to be stuck with a dead massager. With a maximum stroke rate of 3,200 per minute, the VYBE Premium Percussion Massage Gun is one of the most powerful handheld personal massagers on the market. It will help you get used to the feeling of the gun and dont cause any damage to your muscles. To use the Vybe pro massage gun with other chargers, follow the instructions included with each charger. 2. Theragun Elite vs Theragun Pro: All The Differences and The Best Prices to Get Them. Massage therapy has been studied for years in its effectiveness to treat several types of pain, muscle soreness, and scar muscles. MuscleGun Carbon Go. $130 at Amazon. First and foremost, make sure that your Vybe V2 is properly charged before use. Use it for pain relief: If you suffer from chronic pain, the Vybe Flex can help. Percussion Vibration with Three Different Strength Levels: The three different strength levels vary from 1,800 rpm to 3,400 rpm, guaranteeing you get the optimum amount of pressure to ease discomfort. This percussion gun wont just feel like a real deep tissue massage it will sound like one too. This graded control means you can make micro-adjustments of force and intensity, perfect for tender areas such as your forearm, foot, and shoulder. If you suffer from head, back, neck, and body pain either from working out, playing sports, or just simply having to sit in front of a computer all day then this is a must-try. Included in the package would of course be your Vybe Pro massage gun, one sleek & sturdy travel case, and 8 massage heads that are interchangeable and super-therapeutic. 10/10 would recommend this product! Included with your VYBE Pro Massage Gun is a sleek and sturdy travel case, ideal for workout recovery on the go. Send us a note. The Sonic has five speeds, ranging from 1,200 to 2,800 beats per minute, and was noticeably quieter than the Hypervolt. It depends on your needs and preferences. Weve discussed a couple of close competitors of the Vybe Pro massage gun, but lets discuss a couple more models that many considers as the best alternatives for the Vybe Pro massage gun itself. Another special feature of this attachment is that the top of the foam can be replaced with the help of a Velcro fastener. Vybe Pro Charger Purchase Guide and Using Tips. These include, for example, the pectoral muscle, the buttocks, or the quads. Vybe Pro Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes - 9 Speeds, 8 Attachments - Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue . The VYBE Pro Massage Gun comes with a sleek and robust travel case, making it ideal for on-the-go workout recuperation. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Massage Gun Advice, established in 2020, is a leading blog-style magazine dedicated to percussion massagers. If you dont want to spend a lot of money on a deep-tissue massage, a handheld massage gun like the ones made by Vybe Percussion that can be used at home is an option. xcesslimited2013 (118,091) 98.2%. Vybe Pro Massage Gun Attachment Guide VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun | VYBE The VYBE Pro Professional Massage Gun is designed by professionals, for professionals. And of course, this unit is of the cordless variety so its as portable as they come. When using a USB cord to charge the Vybe pro massage gun, make sure that it is plugged into a power source that is reliable and has enough power to support the device. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Theragun Elite Massage Gun Review 2022: Does It Live Up To Its Name? Vybe Pro massage gun reviews: which is the best VYBE massage gun? When it comes to Vybe Pro vs Hypervolt comparison, the Pro slightly resembles the Hypervolt models in terms of shape and design. Use it for a quick pick-me-up: If youre feeling tired or sluggish, the Vybe Flex can give you a quick energy boost. In addition, the fork attachment can be used in the spine for the same reasons. You can either secure it or move it slowly around the restricted region. There is no charge for replacing a head with the Vybe pro attachment. Such therapy speeds up muscle fiber recovery by providing quick pressure bursts in concentrated areas with short-duration pulses. . Super Quiet Portable Body Relaxation Electric Muscle Massage Gun with 12 Attachment 30 Speed (763) $38.75 ($0.61/Ounce) Buy it with + + Total price: To see our price, add these items to your cart. The VYBE Pro brings life back into your muscles so you can resume your favorite activities sooner and without constant pain. Thats not to say you dont get a strong massage from this attachment. Vybe 85 West Street, Suite 4 Walpole, MA 02081 Liquid error (layout/theme line 285): Could not find asset snippets/page-footer.zipifypages.liquid If you want to stop tracking your activity, press and hold. However, this intensity is perfect for the legs and back muscles, as long as you keep it away from your vertebrae. These cookies do not store any personal information. He loves to teach PTs and OTs ways to save time and money in and out of the clinic, especially when it comes to documentation or continuing education. Whats the best Taotronics massager alternative and where to buy? Do not over tighten. The Vybe V2 has 10 different vibration modes to choose from, so you need topress the mode button and cycle through the modes. Durability: The Vybe V2 comes with two battery packs, each of which can last up to two hours. So, if youre going to ask us, we are quite pleased with how the Vybe Pro massage gun massages! Long Battery Life: The Flex includes a built-in lithium-ion battery with a four-hour battery life and USB charging connection technology, allowing you to charge your Vybe Flex from anywhere. Thats my take on the five massage gun heads I have on my gun, but there are plenty others to try. Best for: Large, tight muscles; deep tissue; recovery. In terms of pricing, the Vybe Pro is still a bit more affordable than the Theragun Prime. Its stall force for us feels more like in the mid-30s level and it can get pretty intensive and that applies to whichever massage head youd go with. You can always contact customer service for help. Are Vybe Percussion Massage Guns Easy To Use? The Vybe Flex is the newest massager gun, and its small size and USB charging features make it great for your busy lifestyle! Changing the Massage Gun Attachment this is how it works. It is too noisy. Not a good product. $599 at Therabody. Best for: Medium to large muscles; sore muscles. The VYBE Pro was designed specifically for professionals. This Vybe Percussion Massagers Guide examines the Vybe brand and its goods, as well as the brands benefits and drawbacks. The Vybe Pro includes eight different massage head attachments, including five plastic heads and three metal heads. After you have downloaded and installed the app, open it and sign in. Charges very quickly and lasts for a while. An average battery life for a muscle massage gun is around 2-3 hours, and the VYBE Pro exceeds expectations. Are you a PT seeking one-on-one career coaching or help with documentation? The Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun is a deep-tissue handheld massager that aids in post-workout recovery by relieving muscle pain and tight knots. Will it be effective enough for you, or is it what youve been looking for? On a full charge, it can be used for 3 hours. VYBE Pro attachments include: Large Ball,Flathead,Arrowhead,Wishbone, Wedge Head,Muscle Knob,Trigger Cone, and Knot Blaster. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The Vybe Pro, available in Hypervolt models BT Plus and BT Plus for $349 and $399 respectively, is the cheaper option. ), and a variety of speeds (five!). The handle of it is curved, so its very comfortable while using it. This massage head is also referred to as a U attachment. Stroke Length is rather average as compared to other popular massage guns. *The arrowhead is perfect for deep tissue massage and stress point work. Please read my disclosure for more info. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The VYBE Pro Massage Gun comes with a sleek and robust travel case, making it ideal for on-the-go workout recuperation. The ergonomic grip allows for a full range of motion when massaging the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and other parts of the body that are tense. With a flat head, it reaches temperatures of up to 140F, and is ideal for releasing knots and warming up muscles to improve your range of motion. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This is suitable for those who want deeper tissue massage with extreme intensity. This helps us keep this website alive. To charge your battery, connect the USB-C cord to the charging port on the bottom of the handle. Additionally, the Vybe Facebook page received some reviews, with most customers sharing that they love massage guns. If theres anything that we learned from our Vybe Pro massage gun review is that you dont always have to pay a premium price to enjoy a premium quality massaging tool. Next, consider your own comfort level. This is a very popular attachment that comes with nearly every massage gun. 139.99 (18% off) Buy now. With a 24v brushless motor, the VYBE Pro can deliver up to 33 pounds of percussive force. Its knob-like shape covers a wide area for large muscle groups, while its flat top distributes the force of the massage gun. The discreet percussion and extra-speed options are also quite a nice add-on to its massaging capabilities. This article will introduce something about. This is the head to use for your lumbar paraspinals and thoracic paraspinals, instead of the fork. Press the (-) button to decrease percussion speed and intensity. Several problems were found with the massage gun. *The wishbone is good for the neck, spine, feet, and Achilles tendon, while the second-knot buster is good for joints and soft tissue. Screw on one of the attachment heads clockwise. If you need to contact Vybe Percussion for any reason, you can do so via the following channels: Your email address will not be published. VYBE Pro Instructions: Fully charge the battery of your Vybe Pro Percussion Massage Gun prior to first use. But, as it is, we recommended it to anyone. Luke is a Biomedical Engineer, an entrepreneur and an avid sportsman. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for VYBE Premium Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes - 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments at the best online prices at eBay! Most massage gun coming with 4 or 5 head attachments such as Flat head, Fork head, Show more Show more How to Choose the Right Massage Gun Attachment Tim Fraticelli - PTProgress 273K. A warning right off the bat: The Vybe Percussion Massage Gun is not the quietest massage gun you can buy. These tend to be included with only a few massage guns. The balls shape is perfectly round, so you can smoothly rotate the point of contact with even, steady force. Thus, the attachment is usually used for the massage of trigger points, as it achieves a great depth effect Possible A popular application area of this attachment is the sole of the foot. All Vybe Percussion Massager Guns come with replaceable heads that may be used to target specific muscle regions and deliver deep tissue massages. It comes with a variety of features that make it easy to use. The massagers arm is not adjustable, and it runs only on an internal battery, which is a minor but noticeable negative. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Redfern Massager The Squirrel Massage System Back Plus w/ 15 Attachments SQM-330 at the best online prices at eBay! Our Favorite Quiet Massage Gun Is Now Just $79.99 With This New Coupon. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. iTek Pro Impact Massager Review(Pros/Cons, Pricing and More), Theragun G3PRO Honest Review (Best Price and Cheap Alternatives), Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review + Coupon: The Best Massager for Athletes. This attachment is available for Theragun massage guns, among others. These massage gun heads are needed to work on various muscle areas optimally. But as also mentioned, this massage gun shouldve been designed to be more compact as there are a few models within its competitors that are easier to handle. Finally, consider the type of batteries youre using. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 3. Vybe Percussion Massager Guns are undeniably powerful, providing superb muscular, joint, and body relief to those who constantly labor their bodies and indulge in physical exercise. If youre using disposable batteries, youll want to use the Vybe Pro for a shorter period of time than if youre using rechargeable batteries. Theragun Elite Massage Gun Review 2022: Does It Live Up To Its Name? For us, the runtime is quite enough for a few minutes of regular or daily use and you only have to charge it once a week on average. Now take three of the Vybe fascia guns as examples to show you how to use them correctly. The Vybe Pro massager head oscillates at an amplitude (depth) of 12 mm. Step 3: When your batteries are fully charged, unplug the charger from the outlet. Lets start this Vybe Pro vs Theragun comparison with perhaps the closest one to it in terms of overall quality, the Theragun Prime. Firstly, Attach the Vybe Pro device to your clothing using the provided adjustable strap. But is it for pro athletes or bodybuilders who would require stronger stall force? Noise level We used each massage gun in daily settings to. If you are someone who suffers from chronic body pain or fatigue then this is for you. No Charger . When not in use, store the Vybe Pro in its charging case to keep it protected and charged. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase. *The Knot blaster can be used to relieve knots, joints, palms, and soles of your feet. You can shop the powerful massage gun on Amazon for $100 off right now. To track your activity, press and hold down on the Vybe button until it starts blinking rapidly. Intensity: There are six distinct speeds to choose from, ranging from a gentle to vigorous massage. Likewise, the attachment is suitable for all areas of the body that only need a gentle massage. Especially when you hold a massage gun in your hand for the first time, the question often arises: Which massage gun attachment is used for what? If you feel the same way, youve come to the right place. Can I use a Massage Gun for Lymphatic Drainage? They provide a deep tissue massage that relieves shoulder knots and promotes general muscle relaxation and overall health and functionality improvement. Save $142 with coupon. Knots in the back, neck, and shoulders are a prevalent muscular condition that affects athletes and people who lead sedentary lifestyles. The multiple massage heads will make sure to target multiple muscle groups in your body for the best results. What we like about the Vybe Pro massage gun too is that its no longer prone to overheating. Furthermore, depending on your requirements, you can choose between 500 and 2,400 strokes per minute. Read on to find out. Which head attachment is best on a Vybe pro? If you are looking for a close shave, then the Vybe pro attachments are the way to go! As far as we know, The Vybe brand was originally under the Exerscribe umbrella, until it reportedly got acquired by Thrasio, one of worlds largest acquirer of successful consumer brands. Every attachments has their own functions. or Best Offer. It provides a professional-grade deep tissue massage that's perfect for breaking up knots and removing aches and pains deep in your muscles. Two key aspects we first need to take a look at are stall force and stroke length also known as amplitude. Be sure to use it on your entire body, including your back, neck, and legs. This makes it very suitable for beginners, but it can also be used by advanced and professional users. You can find Vybe products on almost all the best massage gun review articles so the new Vybe Premium is definitely worth checking out. Usually, the massage attachments are made of a special foam. Same goes for the Achedaway Pro with same 16mm and similar percussion range. Press the (+) button to increase percussion speed and intensity. With three hours of battery life youll be able to use the massage gun through both warm-ups and cool-downs. A percussion massage is the treatment of different muscle groups with the help of a handheld device that sends brief, rapid pulses into the body's soft tissues. By employing different angles, you can achieve more of a cross-friction massage. In terms of massaging capabilities, the Vybe Pro does have a similar stroke length with the Hypervolt at 12mm but is inferior in terms of stall force with the latter having 57 pounds of it which is again suitable for individuals that demand a lot of intensity with their massages. So if youre someone who cant handle more than 3000 percussive strokes then this is not for you. Between the six attachments, charger, travel bag and lightweight design, you'll really get a lot of bang for your buck. What is the best Theragun mini massage gun charger replacement and where to buy? But this time, with these next two models, it does not have that much upside in terms of pricing. I highly recommend this !! For joint or muscle relief, we highly recommend it. Great entry-level, all-around and consumer-grade massage tool. Intensity: With three speeds, you may tailor your high-power performance. Price: $64.59 with coupon Always avoid direct contact with your bones, if possible, with any massage gun head. This movement is to remove the lactic acid from the muscles. $599 $499. Wishbone - Ideal for massaging the neck, back, spine, and feet. And, importantly, it comes with a free replacement head if it becomes damaged. Best Massage Gun for the Gym. Amazon Just Dropped Prices on Kindle e-Readers To $59.99. And we can tell you upfront that even the entry-level variant of the latter brand which is the Theragun Prime has got higher amplitude at 16mm. For most likely a hundred more bucks with a couple of other Theragun models youll get more stall force at 40 to 60 pounds respectively. $33 $175. A convenient hard carrying case with cut-outs for each of the five available attachments is a nice touch, as well. Of course, you can always use it for longer or shorter periods of time, depending on your needs. Amazon.com: YUNMAI SC Massage Gun, . Make sure that they are fully charged before using the Vybe Pro charger. The Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Pro is exactly what you need. What better way to give you an overview of the massage gun landscape than to compare the Vybe Pro massage gun with its toughest competitors. Taotronics massage gun: What is it and the why its the best massage gun? Vybe pro attachments guide: How to use and change different Vybe pro heads? Copyright 2023 GN GUIDE | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. All the massagers I have held in my own hands, so I can always report from my own experience. However, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact their customer service team within 30 days, and they will make it right. Several reviews complained about the devices volume, and a few mentioned that the pressure was too great. Nine intensity levels and a 24V brushless motor merges high-power performance with low noise levels. The VYBE Pro is a high quality machine with a powerful percussion vibration giving you up to 3400 strokes per minute. The detachable therapy massage gun attachments come in different shapes, each one designed to stimulate and massage different types of muscle tissues. Vybe Premium Percussion Massager Gun Review, Vybe Percussion Massager Reviews From Other Sources. This item: Vybe Percussion Massage Gun - Electric Handheld Deep Tissue Massager Gun to Soothe Body Aches, Back Pain - 9 Speeds, 8 Attachments - Quiet and Portable Pro Model $99.85 ($99.85/count) $267.99 ($267.99/Item) Product details Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. Swap attachment heads to target different muscle groups and experience one of the best massage guns on the market. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days and we'll do what it takes to make it right! Apply pressure as needed, but let the percussion do most of the work. After 15 minutes without use, VYBE will automatically power down. Whats the warranty of Vybe pro attachments? There are a few different types of Vybe massage guns on the market. This is great news if you accidentally damage the head of the attachment during use. Vybe designed this massage gun with athletes of all fitness levels in mind. However, some manufacturers also offer massage heads made of metal. Review of Taotronics Massage Guns | Pick The Best Massage Gun 2022, In this blog post, well take a look at the eight different. Step 1: Plug in the charger to an outlet. The new attachment is then simply plugged in. Here at massage-gun-guide.com, I review different massage guns to find the best device on the market. Vybe Percussion is active on social media, with885 people following the @vybepercussion Facebook pageand1,700 following the vybe.massage.guns Instagram page. Required fields are marked *. Theragun PRO. There's a muscle knob, trigger cone, knot blaster,. Theres also a large ball to massage large muscles, a small knob for targeting small muscles, trigger cone to relieve trigger points, and lastly, an arrowhead for deep tissues and tension points. Order online today for FREE and fast shipping! Although stretching, cooling, and foam rolling are all beneficial, many individuals believe that massages provide the most effective muscle relief. If youre using it to relieve muscle pain, youll want to use it for a shorter period of time than if youre using it for relaxation or to improve circulation. The VYBE Pro Professional Massage Gun is designed by professionals, for professionals. Youd be pleased to hear or not hear that the massage gun only runs at a relatively silent 55 69 dB, depending on which bear youre in. After you have configured your device, you can start tracking your activity! Its ergonomic, efficient, and most of all packs a lot of power. Flip the power switch to the ON position. We searched for discount codes and promo codes as part of theVybe Percussion Massager review. 55.99. Better yet, it's less expensive than the VYBE Pro massage gun, but comes with many of the same features. 4th Generation. Attachments We looked for a variety of attachments, which helps you access a diversity of muscles more easily and comfortably. 2,500mAh battery life. Multiple reviewers mention the sound, and some were looking for something quieter. LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun $70 $180 Save $110 with coupon Buy From Amazon Weight: 2.5 pounds | Battery Life: 6 hours | Interchangeable Heads: 8 Not all massage guns have. As mentioned above, due to the power and intensity that this massage gun brings it could be for anyone looking to soothe those sore and aching muscles. If you bought a massage gun recently, you may be scratching your head over which attachment to use when youre treating achy muscles at home. Automatic Memory Function. Exerscribe Vybe Premium Muscle Massage Gun. When it is on, a noise like a train going. VYBE Premium Muscle Massager Gun, Quiet, Portable, Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes, 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments (4.7) 4.7 stars out of 12 reviews 12 reviews USD $149.99 negligence cases in hospitality industry 2019, turtle soup riddles, loyola university chicago staff directory,

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